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Professional Service and Customization

VigeneTech is proud to offer our image analysis software development expertise to our customers.     We focus on providing application orientated and customer specific solutions in image analysis with a commitment to enhance your research competitiveness. Our services cover imaging analysis in life and environmental sciences, pharmaceutical and analytical industries, and related areas. We help our  customers develop image analysis systems that meet specific business and research goals. Our    customers choose VigeneTech for our in depth expertise in image analysis, our research and industrial experience, our long time commitment, and our friendly technical support staff.  more...

Online Microarray Image Analysis Service

VigeneTech is proud to announce a high quality, fast, reliable and very affordable Microarray image analysis service. Submit your images and get your data back online. Free MicroVigeneTM2.0 Lite   software for you to check the data quality and change data output by yourself.  more...

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