Multi well Analysis

VigeneTech's image analysis software provides unprecedented accuracy, sensitivity, reliable results, "One-Click" automation and high performances.

MicroVigeneTM.. Additional Info..
Image analysis software for DNA, RNA, CGH, protein and antibody Microarray, and other array based application images. Automatically grids the array and quantify spot intensities.
MicroVigeneTM Suite
Protein Array Data Analysis Modules
DNA Array Data Analysis Module
MicroVigene Development Kit SDK

CellVigene...Additional Info..
Sophisticated and robust segmentation algorithm to accurately extract and quantify         the signal intensity and area in multiple channel or level, Automatic segmentation of        the cells, nuclear, plasma, Histo-Immuno Chemical or antibody straining and other interested signal area.
Mitotic Spindle Localization
Lung Airway
Tissue Microarray
Hito-Immuno Chemistry


SpotQuant..Additional Info..

Empowered with MicroVigene image analysis engine, first diagnostic protein array software suite for clinical implementation,  Wizard driving full automated operation:  

Ease of use C simply follow the wizard to run the app.
Tree view to manage and display the files
Direct reads bar code on the image .
Perform non-linear regression to determine the sample abundant.
Auto save/print out the doctors report

MicroVigene SDK...Additional Info..

Software development library empowered with MicroVigene array image analysis engine. It can be used to build any system for array image analysis, such as any embedded with hardware instrument control software, web based enterprise system and customized application. ....

net assembling
xml interface
completely automation

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