Multi well arrays
MicroVigene provides complete software feature and function for image analysis  of  DNA, RNA, CGH and other genomic  Microarray for wide application. 

MicroVigeneTM..Additional Info..

Image analysis software for DNA, RNA, CGH, protein, and antibody Microarray and other array based application images. Automatically grids the array and quantify spot intensities.  
MicroVigeneTM Suite
Protein Array Data Analysis Modules
DNA Array Data Analysis Module
MicroVigene Development Kit SDK

CellVigene...Additional Info..

Sophisticate and robust segmentation algorithm to accurately extract and quantify the signal intensity and area in multiple channel or level, Automatic segmentation of the cells, nuclear, plasma, Histo-Immuno Chemical or antibody straining and other interested       signal area.

Mitotic Spindle Localization
Lung Airway
Tissue Microarray
Hito Immuno Chemistry


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